nano structured materials


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  1. Carbon Nanotubes
    • Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes(SWCNT)
    • Doubled Walled Carbon Nanotubes(DWCNT)
    • Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes(MWCNT)
    • OH and COOH Functionalized SWCNT
    • OH and COOH Functionalized MWCNT
    • CNTs Based conductive additives for lithium ion battery
    • Graphitized MWCNT
    • CNT Dispersion
    • Carbon Nanofibres
    • Graphene

  2. Carbon Nanotubes
  1. Elements, Alloys and Oxides
    • Metal Micro and Nano particles
    • Metal Alloy Micro and Nano particles
    • Metal Nano Particle Dispersion
    • Metal Oxide Micro and Nano powder
    • Metal Oxide Nano powder dispersion

  2. Elements Alloy Oxides
    Micro Metal Powders