Customized Items for Research


- Test Jig Cell

(for materials and battery / super capacitor test)

Test Jig and Cell Test Jig and Cell
Active Area: 20mm Maximum Sample Size: 20mm
Test Jig and Cell
Active Area: 15mm


- Palletized Sample Holder

Palletized Sample Holder
Maximum Sample Size: 30mm


- Rubber Plug/Stop Cork

Rubber Rug


- Plastic Items / Parts (Acrylic, Nylon, UHMW-PE, POM, PTFE, PEEK, PVDF, PMMA etc.)

Plastics Plastics Plastics


- Quartz Items / Parts

Quartz Quartz Quartz


- Ceramic Items / Parts

Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic


- Customized Design & Fabrication (Metal & non-metal)

Faraday Cage Stand for ultrasonic transducer and temperature controller
Faraday Cage Stand for Ultrasonic Transducer and Temperature Controller