analytical and testing instruments

  1. Ultrasonic Homogenizer
  2. Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor
  3. Ultrasonic Bath (With and without heating)

    Ultrasonic Application And Processes
  1. Sonochemical processor
    • Application of ultrasonic in chemical reaction and process
  2. Flow through and damp on ultrasonic system
  3. High end ultrasonic homogenizer and disperser

  4. MMM Basics Presentation
    MMM Products Overview
    Sonochemical Reactors
  1. Spin Coaters
    • Suitable for substrate diameter up to 90mm
    • Film thickness range from 10nm to 10um
    • Rational speed up to 18,000 rpm
  1. UV-VIS Spectrometers
  2. NIR Spectrometers
  3. RAMAN Spectroscopy
  4. SpectroRadiometers
  5. Light Sources

  6. Spectrometer Product List
  1. Moisture Meters
  2. Salt Meters
  3. Refractometers
  4. Acidity Meters
  5. Thermo-Hygrometers

  6. Gwon General Catalogue
  1. Hydraulic Press System
  2. Heated Hydraulic Press System

  3. MTIC-EQHP88V Hot Press
    MTIC-EQHP100 Hot Press
    NSR-HP10T Hot Press